Ceritaku Puisiku, Don't Stop Me

I walk alone in my dream

I don’t have anyone

The support, the commitment, the special moment

I own my luck in my journey

(unsplash/ nayani teixeira)

Everybody cheer me and gave me congratulation

After my biggest salvation in my life

I will through until success comes for me

I can make some style like I was king in the line

And I believe myself can do it

Even nobody wouldn’t believe my passion

You and the people will remember me when I’m finish my jobs

You would thank me again because I am the good one

Who always being disrespectful by others but always finish a great life time

If I go down, I will back with a great lightning

Look how far I will go and nothing can’t blocked me

I will through and nobody can hide me

I’ll go to the beautiful good every single fucking day in my life

And the rest is the happy life what I dream for

Bryan Nakupenda

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