Where's the love? I cannot reach that i’m the one He’s love. Sometime it feels like kill me slowly, but sometime i feel the joy too. Like cold and fire in my Heart in the same time, and each one trying to bite me or hug me.

Let me think again what is the joy You bring to me? I think i'm bad as a thinker, and i'm not good enough to think You are the joy what should i have. I always blame You and You always loved me, never leave me in the backyard of failure.

Yeah, You always do. I step in a bad adventures and You keep me tight with the failure and make me feel so dumbass just to tell me, You are weak without me. I am the real joy You must have, and day by day, You claim me to be Your follower.

And then i realize i'm a weak, more than enough if i try to live without You, yeah, i don't want to do that again, but like i said before i'm weak and always fallin to evil plan. I want to get out from the Hell and live with You. Help me!

Some night You come and bring back a joy what i want, yeah, You teach me to sing with You, to sang a joyful song just to Your glory, and i can said, "Glory, Glory, Halleluyah! Glory, Glory to You, God! Glory, Glory to You, Jesus!”

I feel what joy is, and You keep me in Your room, just like You don't want me to fall again in the Hell life, You teach me everything include how to life with You. Thank my God!

I'm just want to testify what You bring to me. This is one of my testimoni bout Your grace, i know it's not perfect cause You are the perfect is, and i wish that i can live for a long time like this, sang a song, praying every mid night, just to Your glory.

Thank Jesus Christ, You Are My Savior!

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