Instagram made me jealous men, I’ll explore the trending in instagram and found something good, the trending is #inktober which is people around the world that also invited by Jake Parker.

Jake Parker is an American comics short-story creator, concept artist, illustrator, and animator. Parker worked as a set designer for Blue Sky Studios where he contributed to the animated films Horton Hears a Who, Rio and Epic.

In 2009, Parker started Inktober, a popular annual celebration of ink drawing during the month of October. Inktober is a challenge to create one ink drawing every day for each day of October and post them on social media; Parker originally started the challenge to motivate himself to improve his own inking skills.

In October 2015, over 1 million Inktober drawings were posted on Instagram. Parker registered "Inktober" as a trademark, and in 2019, some participating artists received cease and desist notices for selling work created during the challenge. Parker clarified that using the word "Inktober" was permitted in a subtitle, but use of the logo was not.

End of the day, i'll join too and make some good drawing which is i think i draw my best, i forgetten what people say about my pics. LOL

And that's the pics what I made in my first inktober.













If you interest, maybe to see my other work then find me in

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