Puisi Beta is a poem. I’m going crazy because of my mind got hurts for bad thing i did or something i didn't. Somebody didn’t know what’s going on with my body. Someday i feel a heartache but that’s not good for me to make a reason to rescue my mind from many mistake i did.

Well, i think i'm not good to somebody i know, but then i know i was a dirty boy in her eyes. I tried my best to keep her in my side. You and i like fire and oil, never know each other when bad things happen in our relationship.

Oh, it's a buul to the shit man, we gonna fight each day and never find a little piece of peace. What happen with us? I think i'm wrong to make her in my side. The devil comes inside me and make me feel bored with her.

In a week he make me feels like a foolish, i still tried to understand her, more and more, but the truth is we don't have the feel until a words from her makes me realize that i'm always in her ass.

And because his words i make writes some poem to make sure my mind is happy, yess happines that she don't like i have. I lose in a convey and i start to understand her mind, bad things, good things, all about her i keep in my condolences to my heart.

Just to make sure that i'm happy with my decision, and her too. I surrender, and gave my full of time to her, i know his happy and i want to see that, that's.

I don't think i can be good in the future but i want to make sure she's the one i love, i know i have thousand problems in me but that's the reason why i love her.

The poem i write is about a heartache, and you are the perfect love that i have.

- Bryan Nakupenda

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